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Okay, after a lot of talking, yukitsubute and I decided to prepare a few changes. Just like her, I'll turn this journal into what it is: a journal for private stuff. Maybe I'll share some icons or graphics etc.

I will make a friends' cut later, for everyone who still wants to be friends with me though my fics moved to another place. <3

Fic updates won't be in my journal anymore, but in my new community.

My fics are now here:

[ profile] yume_to_ame

Memebership is open of course. And I won't post anything locked, just like before. It's free and visible for everyone <3
I would be very happy to see you there!!

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Just realized...

...that I need a beta for my [ profile] k8_exchange fic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any suggestions?

sorry, plain entry. A real one will come soon. :3


Jun. 19th, 2012 10:00 am
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Hey my friends!

How are you doing?
It's so hot outside today O_O
We are having 34 °C.

I went to the dentis yesterday because my teeth hurt ><
But now everything is alright ^^

On another note: Is it possible to die from boredom? ^^
That's what I'm asking myself since last week... since this literature&philosphy class started. The teacher is good, but seriously, three hours philosphy every day? O_O  Yes, parts of it are interesting, but none of us is studying philosopyh, so there is no way we can actually work in this class and understand everthing. LOL

Kanjani's Ai deshita sold 262k in its first week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats guys! That's amazing!

Someone posted a list with upcoming dramas (for the next season), still need to read through them. I'm not that excited about the dramas till now. But the one with Fujigaya interests me a bit.
GTO...Shirota Yu is in it. I just wonder if his part is big enough for me to watch the drama...
But serously, till now nothing really hit me...

Hope you are all having a nice day! <3
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1) I didn't sleep last night. Great >< I have this very complicated mind that can't rest. Once I start thinking, I can't stop it anymore... and I will think and wonder and worry and think through the whole night.
That's what happened yesterday. And I put even more pressure on me because I was so tired and needed to sleep... because today was such a hard day. 8 hours uni without a break... and an oral presenation.
Well, finally the day is over ^_^ And I even made it to the gym (Curves <3) I'm also in love with Zumba right now, but they only do it on Wednesdays evening.

2) Smut-meme is doing great! I was so happy that it popped up last week <3 And I was a good fangirl and wrote three prompts. However, I promised to write two others as well. Still need to finish them.
And now, there comes the best: FIVE OF MY PROMPS GOT FILLED! That's the first time one of my prompts was written in a meme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And such awesome fics, really!!

3) I just realized I messed up one of my sign-ups for an exchange a bit. Girls, never copy-and-paste your sign-ups from other exchanges. However, the one pairing I excluded...I still need to write it. *headdesk* But I decided to take it with humour, get drunk with lots of Eristoff Ice and write it. Seriously, I can't write it when being sober!

4) [ profile] kinki4ever39 wrote one of the most amazing fanfics ever for me!! Saito Kazuyoshi/Ryo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go and read her fic HERE
And I haven't forgot your requests. First will be your Kinki Kids request. Then I will go for your wishlist... let yourself be surprised :D I've already started working on yours and [ profile] ryogrande's. Yuki's is coming up too.
And why the hell is the day only having 24 hours!?????

However, since I'm already talking about the wishlists, here what it is about:
This here is my wishlist. All of you who want to have such a wishlist too, go and make one and tell me! I will link you then <3

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(gif by [ profile] ryoislove)

Ooookay, I found something interesting and wanted to advertise it ^__^

I just stumbled over this here:
A little exchange planned by [ profile] encoded_panties, with Ryo-centric fanfics. <3

Ryo Mini Exchange

For everyone who wants to participate (side-eyes yuki, [ profile] miniliel (just for fun, because day...maybe...maybe...) and other friends on my friends' list.)

Sign-ups are HERE

Okay, I'm in a hurry. [ profile] yukitsubute will drop by soon together with [ profile] kinki4ever39. Since our other friends are busy today, it means it's just us girl... which means we are allowed to fangirl openly^^ Let's see if I'll be able to convince them to watch some Gackt-awesomeness. Well, Yuki loves GACKT, so I'm positive here.

Or Smap?
Still haven't seen their Live in Beijing concert...
Besides that one can never have enough Kimura-gorgeousness, right? Right? Right? (I'm not accepting a 'no' here ^_____^)

I hope you are all having a lovely evening!! <3

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Hey there!!

Okay, first of all:
YAY!!!! Meryl Streep won the Oscar for the best actress in a leading role!!!!!!!!!!!!!



After I followed some discussions, I can't help it:
Geez, guys, can't we just be happy to see him in a new drama? ><

I heard about some fan reactions, like: Oh no, maybe it's a RL-documentary and he is married for real!?

You know what this drama reminds me of? Smap's special dramas. I know a lot of fans of the younger groups, don't follow Smap, but Smap actually had a lot of Drama specials - last year for example: The Tomato-Murder case. They all played themselves and one staff member got murdered. So...that's also a RL-documentary?

I also don't see this as him playing another Daddy-role. It's comedy after all - that's a different genre.
For me this drama is not a real, normal drama. It's for Kanjani-promotion, which is good of course. I hope they will have cool roles and make something hilarious out of this. :D

I don't think this drama will have high ratings, but I don't think this drama was made to attract everyone. It sounds more like a present from them to their fans. I hope for the guys to have fun and give us something weird and fun - they deserve it to get this promotion!

I'm not a huge romance and comedy drama fan myself. Crime and Human are my favourite genres, but I'll be looking forward to this.
A good actor takes risks - even if the outcome might be strange or if the ratings are not that good.
That's why I will always appreciate Ryo's dramas and Kame's and also Takki's. These are the guys that are taking risks and choose drama roles they like, new and different things and also characters and plots that push them to their limits.
That's something I really feel thankful for towards them <3


Third part of this entry is dedicated to this man:

(gif by [ profile] ginger001)

Yesterday Yuki and I were discussing with [ profile] go_chan2011 and [ profile] sweetspicyhot about Kimura and how gorgeous he is. Well, I think they are still wondering why I'm so madly in love with this guy. :D

So, here some explanation:
Besides that this guy is absolutely handsome, he is also a gorgeous actor.

But there is a reason why he and Smap are so popular:
Kimura and Smap are the reason why Japanese idols are what they are today. When Smap debuted they suffered from a lack of popularity - actually whole JE was loosing popularity. But instead of giving up, these guys went for it: TV-shows, Dramas, CMs - they changed the image of the music entertainment industry.
Arashi's TV-shows?
Yamapi's CMs?
Cartoon KT?
Musicians and Singers in Dramas?
It's all because Smap started it. Because they were loosing popularity, they decided to bring their group to a new level.
Kimura starred in a lipstick CM - a legendary one. He was one of the very first idols advertising a female product. Over night fans 'stole' the posters with him to have them for their own ^^

EDIT: I found the CM:

Then he got a role in an important drama... and tadaaaaaaaaa Smap's popularity was rising.
Nakai gave his all to get a TV-show for them to show the audience their funny and dorky sides.
And with that, they basically won ^^
That's what Smap did and why they are so popular though they might be the most awesome singers.

For years Kimura was the image of the Gatsby campaign - till this year. From now on Matsuda Shota will be in their CMs.
Kimura's Gatsby CMs were epic (so, poor Shota...following this will be very difficult for him)
Here are some of the most awesome CMs - my favourites:

Nevertheless, I love Matsuda Shota and I wish him all the best of course <3
Still, I'll miss Kimura's Gatsby CMs ><

I'll let Kimura say the last words of this entry (Solo song: "Style"):

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Hello everyone!!

How have you been!?
I'm currently working on my master thesis. And I really need to get in a specific class this term, but I'm not sure yet if my professor will accept me. IF I won't get into the class, I'll have to study one more term. IF I get into it, I'll be able to finish all my classes this term and make my final exam around October/November. I hope it goes well!! I want to finish my classes and not wait another term ><

Talking about: Does anyone of you know literature about Politeness in Japanese language? (It's part of my master thesis)


Something else:

(gif by [ profile] ryoislove)

Did anyone of you already see the anouncement for Ryo's new drama?

Now honestly: Who else had a WTF impression first?
Okay, either this is a desperate but brilliant attempt of JE to somehow promote Jin's marriage or it's a try (also a brilliant one) to use it to promote something else.
Whatever, this drama might be really epic and hilarious - Kanjani appears too!!!!!!!!! It's part of their 8-year anniversary, so I bet it's not really a 'normal' drama, it will be rather hilarious with lots of gorgeous guest-appearances.
Is it okay to hope for other Johnnys to have cameos/guest-appearances too? ^_^

By the way, who else is reminded of Nagase's drama 'Mukodono'? The plot is similar, just that Nagase didn't play himself.

Also, I don't see this as a Daddy-role. I don't think this will be a family drama - it is more a comedy drama. So...Ryo never did a comedy drama before? It might be something new for us fans ^^


Something else.
I'm currently playing "Yakuza 3" - I struggled a lot with myself, wether to play it or not. But I heard to many good things about it, so I gave it a try. swept me off my feet. This is one of my absolute favourite games now. I  need to buy Yakuza 4, definitely ^^

Seriously, this is one of the best games I played till now. The battles look quite brutal in these videos, but honestly, a lot depends on how you decide to fight. Well, it is rather realistic - you are not playing some sort of elf or magician.

It has an amazing story - thrilling, touching, full of surprises (just like a jdrama^^) - it's action, politics, underground and at the same time there is an orphanage with lots of sweet and troubled kids (you will help one of the boys to go on his first date for example^^)
It has brilliant characters - and I really mean brilliant. Also the supportive characters are amazing. Not to talk about Kazuma - finally a main-character in an RPG who is totally rocking it.
The twists are amazing. The battle system is simple. There are tons of side-missions. The storyline is not going straight - there are side-storylines you have to do, like looking after the kids in the orphanage etc. You can go through Okinawa and Kamurocho - apparently it's really giving a good picture of these parts of Japan. You can date (*lol*), you can visit night clubs and watch some table-dancing (LMAO - srsl, this was brilliant. As a girl I couldn't help but *lol* at these parts). There are tons of mini-games, like baseball, golfing, pool, dart. There is an Underground-Dungeons where 'you' can participate. There are special side-missions: The Hitmen-Missions. You can go to a dojo and learn special moves. You can go and sing Karaoke (major *looool* by the way. Kazuma singing Enka is way too fun ^_^)
I'm playing this game since a few weeks now - around 40-50 hrs - and I almsot finished it. I'm in the last chapter of the main storyline and I did all the side-missions, some hitmen missions and some mini-games - And i only finished around 15-20% of the whole game!! O_O So this says a lot about how huge it is. ^^

This game just surprised me in a way I couldn't believe it. I knew it would be good, but I don't really like the realistic types of games, but honestly, this is just brilliant. Whoever likes video-games and Japan, should give this a try. This is one of the best Action-RPGs so far. (I hope Yakuza 1-2 will get re-mastered for the PS3 too...)

Okay, that's it for today from my side :D
Enough rambling ^____^

I hope you are all having a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!

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For all of you who are wondering why I'm not updating or answering any comments and messages:

I have the flu since Monday and I was sleeping on my sofa most of the time ><
I felt really bad most of the time, today my doctor came to my place to check on me.
At the moment I'm feeling a bit better...
I just don't want to rush things.

Well, today the news about Jin woke me up of course.
I am immensely surprised! I would have never expected that. But I'm happy for him of course! It seems like this is what he wished for and that he always wanted an own family. And I think that Meisa is a cool and nice woman. So, good luck to you, Jin!!!!! --> In exchange I want a new song :D
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To all of you:

I wish you

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are all having some nice and calm days with your friends and families ^______________^
And some relaxing holidays <3

Thanks for all your support and for your encouragment over the last months <3


Dec. 18th, 2011 09:40 am
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Hello everyone,

How are you doing?

My throat was hurting terribly during night and I didn't sleep much.
Unfortunately in my case a sore throat means that I will have fever in a few hours. High fever. Well that's how it normally is.
Well, we'll see. I still hope it's just a sore throat, but this would be the first time then that I don't get a fever after a sore throat. Well, whatever... I'm too tired, I'm not making any sense right now ^_^

Now this is particularly to [ profile] romapi and [ profile] sarahgoldenfish
I'm so sorry your birthday stories take me so long!!!!! Actually I'm half finished with both stories, but with my exams last week and me feeling sick since yesterday it might still take me a bit.

I have no idea what and when I will update this week. I actually planned to post Azure and Jade. As for the rest we'll see ^____^
Yesterday it was Monologue and Azure.

And I have a little Christmas surprise for Lori and Yuki. I actually also wanted to write something for laughingbottom, but with me being sick right now it might become a New Years Fic instead of a Christmas Fic. Sorry, dear.


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Hello everyone!

Okay, this will be a short entry, because I'm tired.
I caught a cold... and I hope I won't have a temperature later.

Okay beside that:
I watched "Inu wo Kau to iu koto" last week. One of the very few Ryo-dramas I hadn't the time to watch till now. But finally I made it XD
It was such a beautiful drama. I loved it!! <3 It was heart-warming and cute and sad and fun. Now I've seen almost all his dramas ^__^
I love Ryo's acting. He and Kimura are my two JE-acting stars <3

Posting Schedule:

Monday: Mood Swings Chapter 4 (Sakumoto)
Tuesday: White Sand Chapter 4 (Sho/Yoko, Takki/Ryo)
Wednesday: The Stars Above Us Chapter 15 (Kanjani8)
Thursday: Mood Swings Chapter 5 (Sakumoto)
Friday: Monologue Chapter 1 (RyoJin)
Saturday: MatsuRyo Drabbles & Azure Chapter 11
Sunday: Fearful Love Chapter 14 (TakkiRyo)

AND: [ profile] go_chan2011's birthday One-shot will be posted the moment I finished it. Promise!! <3

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Hey there!! ^______^

First of all... did anyone of you already write a concept for a master thesis?
(preferably within linguistics ^^)
I'm taking all kind of advices I can get ^^

Yes, you got it... I am a bit lost ^^ I need to finish my concept for my master thesis (I chose linguistics as my main subject) and the professor I chose as an advisor... is actually... well... quite important, he is the leading professor of the department. Hence I want this concept to be good. *slight-stress-alarm* ^^


Okay, and since I wanted to be a bit more organized with my Fanfics, I set up a posting-schedule. (*lol* Yes... freak) It's all yuki's fault, because I met her this weekend and whenever we meet we'll come up with something weird. I blame it on her!! ^_^

But honestly, I realized there are quite some friends who are waiting for their requests and promised Multi-chaps.

So, to my lovely Mandy:
Your Sakuraiba Multi-chap is in progress. *takes-a-look-at-her-schedule* I will start posting it in the middle of January. I hope that's okay for you. <3

To[ profile] fog_dancer: I know, it's pathetic enough, but your Request is finished... since weeks already. I'm just looking for a good time to post it. Which will be... in two weeks

To [ profile] kenshinzen: I'm working on your Juntoshi mini-series. My smart and gorgeous schedule says that I should start posting it with the beginning of January. Maybe you could see it as a New Year's Surprise? (Well, I kinda spoiled the surprise now, but... you are waiting since quite some time now. So I wanted to let you know ^^)

To my dear Lori: Your surprise is actually finished too. <3 I hope it's okay for you to wait a few weeks? (Though I kinda missed you the other days. You are alright, aren't you?)

As for this week, I can promise you these updates:
Monday (*hehe* Today^^): JunBa Chapter 3
Tuesday: Yuki's birthday surprise Chapter 1 (*top-secret-till-tomorrow*)
Wednesday: eventually I'll post a One-shot (or take a nap). Pairing is still a secret, because I actually wanted to post it for Yuki.
Thursday: RyoDa request
Friday: JunBa Chapter 4
Saturday: Azure Chapter 8
Sunday: TakkiRyo Chapter 11

So, that's it. Now that my little studying-break is over, I should go back to learn for my Japanese class.

PS: I actually wanted to ramble more now, but I got a not-too-good call. I'm still swallowing the news.
I'm off now till evening! Bye <3


Oct. 8th, 2011 09:19 am
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Hello everyone,

I have to admit that normally I'm the type who would keep quiet about something like that - yes, I know, that's kinda weak, but I normally want to avoid the emotional fuss.

But in this case here, I want to say something.

1) I love NEWS. They were my favourite group and I will always cherish them.

2) But NEWS splitting/disbanding was not a huge surprise for me, as sad as it feels in the end. They were inactive since months already. Actually since one year. For me Livex3 concert and their last single were like a good-bye. I didn't see it like that back then, but now I do. It was a gorgeous concert with all of them being happy together and giving their best, I'm glad that they gave as this concert.

3) About Yamapi: It's not exactly a huge surprise that he wants to go solo now. For what reasons he really wants to do that, I don't know that for sure of coure. But I know he will have it rough, because being a successful solo artist is not that easy to achieve. And let's face it: He is not Jin. But he is popular and this here is his dream and his life.
I'm starting to feel sorry for him and I hope people will stop bashing him, because I don't think this decision was an easy one for him. It doesn't matter that he was forced into NEWS at the beginning, but I remember times when Yamapi actually really enjoyed himself there and when he was opening up. And I remember rumours that he could have gone solo even earlier. He didn't but now it seems like he couldn't carry on anymore.
I can't really blaming for following his dream. I do have to admit though that he didn't voice his reasons really well in his last statement. He could have done that better. But it's Pi - he has never been the emotional-bursting type of guy - and I respect that as the person he is.
He has this dream and I think he actually had this dream for quite some time now. It's his job and his career. I can't really blame him for following that. And I think that most of the other boys, no matter how they feel towards their group, would have done that too and take the chance - it's just human and normal, right?

4) About Ryo: First of all, Ryo's leaving was also no big surprise for me. Honestly, remember SCP 2009 where he talked about work? Remember Ryo 2009? Remember how he looked like during those times, while both groups were really active? He was half the size he was now - and he already is skinny, but back then he was actually...close to nothing. Add huge circles around his eyes and a skin pale like the moon (this though Ryo actually has a darker skin). I know people who are seriously sick, who look better than he did during that time.
Back then I actually knew it, that he wouldn't be able to carry on in both groups for too long. Either he has to leave or it will break him. And to be honest, as much as I love NEWS and K8, I just couldn't full-heartedly support them...because, well, I was worried.
I just don't get the people who say his reasons are fake or those who say: Being a workaholic he was able to carry it till now, so why leaving anyways?
First of all: Yes, he always belonged to K8 truly, that's not really a surprise. They are Kansais, knew each other since Junior days, went through really hard times together and always say it themselves: We are family. I think that there are not many pop bands who really are believable when it's about member-ai. Honestly said, for me it's K8 and TOKIO. Kisumai has good chances too to really stick together as some sort of family. And smap might have started as a normal boyband but sticking together for 20 years and supporting each other, is a proof for me that they work - also as friends.
So I never was illusional when it was about NEWS. I loved them, but I know that they were just a bunch of guys who had to work hard at the beginning to even get to know each other, to become something like friends. I think they managed that quite well.
Second: Carrying on like that? Actually I think it might have worked for another two years, but... NEWS was almost inactive during the last months. Isn't that already a sign that it wouldn't have worked? I want an active NEWS! And I rather prefer a clear statement than the group staying inactive for years.
Besides, I have one side-point here, maybe a lot of you might disagree, but it's my point: Ryo is a family-type of guy. Some fans say he is a douche etc, but we all know that he might be the type of guy who dreams of family - similar to Okada. He wants to marry and have kids - more then one. Being in two groups would have made that difficult for him. I'm not saying that this is the main-reason for him, but if he thought in advance, this might have been a point too.
I alwas thought he would carry on a few more years, but honestly: why disappointing the fans twice. This here was an opportunity - also for the other guys.

Let's respect that! I think that they boys discussed the reasons all together and they came up with a solution. I don't feel any grudge coming from their words. That none of these six is really hyper now... well, of course not. It's a tough decision for all of them. But not only for the remaining four. Knowing that Ryo is a guy who is a workaholic and takes his work serious, I think that this decision might have been one of the toughest for him.
And I don't think that an earnest guy like Pi took this decision light-hearted either.

5) About Tegomass and NEWS: I hope they will be able to carry on. I have to admit that I won't be following them as much as I did before. But I have a soft spot for Tegoshi and as a NEWS fan I will keep an eye on them and support them. I'm sure that Tegomass won't have too many problems. They already are kind of established. Of course I'm not sure about the reasons they stay together now... There are different points of few from different fans, like: Are they really staying together because they want to, or is it just marketing? Is it just one last step before they disband and they didn't do it immediately to not crush their fans? Or do they truly want to try it?
Well, we'll see, right? I'll support them of course.

6) Comparisons to KT: I'm always careful with that, but since it became a topic now, I just wanted to say: I think NewS and KT are different. Not because of how they split up, but rather because of the groups they were. Let's not forget that KT has Kame and no matter who likes him or not, you have to admit: He is popular.
KT lost their lead voice, which is pretty difficult already, but they have Kame. And Ueda. I believe that Ueda has quite some popularity. And also the other guys.
What I want to say is: The gaps between the members never were that big. Of course they also had/have their stars and the 'other' members, but the gaps weren't that huge.
Yamapi on the other side was really really popular, already as a Junior. Within NEWS the gap towards him has always been big, even - I have to admit that - for Ryo.
When NEWS was formed, they were put together out of 9 different guys - while KT was a junior group. Okay, KT didn't get along at all, but then they don't need to have a huge amount of member-ai to be successfull. They knew each other and already had a fan-base.
NEWS were strangers to each other, with some exceptions of course. Some of them weren't even known that much by their fans. It's a different situation.
KT is doing quite well now and of course I wish that for NEWS too. I cheer for the boys of course. Tegomass have some amount of popularity now, and let's face it: They were really really active during the last 2-3 years. A coincidence? I don't really believe that. I feel that this decision has been carried and discussed for quite some time. I really wish all of them the best though - I will follow all of them.

7) 4TOPS: I'm someone who didn't even know them properly, hence I'm not a huge fan. But I think letting 4TOPS disband was a huge mistake - pulling Yamapi out of this group and 'forcing' him into another group was not really wise. 4TOPS would have made it - that's what I think. I honestly think that those groups who debut after they had already been together as Juniors, have better chances.

8) About Jin: That's just a side-note here, but honestly said: Why bring Jin up in this whole thing? I don't think that he forced Pi out of NEWS. If we do everything our friends say and do, many of us won't get far. Let's be honest: Who really follows everything a friend does? See? And why should Pi do that?
I'm not saying that to defend Pi like crazy - I'm not even that biased towards him - but I really feel like that. Maybe Jin was a role-model for Pi, but it's not a secret that Pi wanted to go solo for long. He started his solo career around 2006. Now Pi has just to be careful about how to continue. Jin, and that's a huge difference, never wanted to be an idol - hence I conclude that he is totally okay with not holding concerts in Tokyo Dome etc. He wants to be a musician, not an idol. And actually I think he is doing well. Jason Derulo? Shooting with Keanu Reeves? That's quite huge. Of course his solo single release in America won't break records, but is he really trying to achieve that? I'm pretty sure he actually plans to fight for it... he is not the type of guy who lives in an illusion. Besides that he is already planning a Japanese single too.
Yamapi on the other side wants to be an idol and if he make the right decisions now he might achieve that... if he stays in Korea and Japan.

9) Their statements: I'm glad they came up with a statement that fast - all of them. It's good to hear their thoughts. And though it's sad to read these words, between the lines it's clear for me that this was a decision that had been discussed for longer.
Whoever is interested, here is the link with the translation:
In the end it was good that they didn't let their fans wait any longer. Maybe not all statements are really making us feel comforted and I know some are not really happy that Ryo and Tegoshi were the only ones apologizing, but let's not forget that they themselves might be sad too. For me their statements are good enough... I feel that they are being honest here and I can really respect that.

Sorry for rambling!!!!!
I just wanted to make my points clear here, because I know that some friends are wondering what I think about this. I hope this here made it clear for you.
I hold no grudge - sincerely not. I'm not disappointed. I'm sad of course, because I love NEWS and I wished they would have stayed together of course, but I respect their decision

I want to thank NewS for being the group that brought me into JE-pop and also into Jpop and Jrock in general. I want to thank them for making those amazing songs, which I love. I loved their sound, they were pop, but still had a unique sound. I want to thank them for a gorgeous last concert, because Livex3 was amazing. They put a lot of effort into it and into their CD release. I want to thank them for making me smile whenever I saw them.
I want to thank all of the guys for sticking together till now, for coming that far. And I wish for them that they succeed in what they have chosen now. All of them.
I hope for them to stay friends even though their paths part now.

I wish them all the best! I will try my best to follow all of them!


Though this isn't fitting my post at all, but I still want to ask my beloved friends and readers:
You know I'm currently posting this RyoPi Multi-chap. I have no problems to put it on hold for a while if that's what you want. I don't feel much like posting it, not because I'm disappointed or hurt, but simply because I feel a bit off. But I would post it if that's what you want.
Please tell me.


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