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This here is my private journal, so, no fics here. :D

Alright, if you want to know a bit more about me, here is my introduction post

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The I'm-back-Post

Hello everyone!

I'm back from my vacation XD For those of you who didn't know and wondered where I've been the last week... I was in Cologne together with Yuki and another friend.
We had planned to visit the GamesCom (Europe's biggest Games Convention) - okay, not only had we planned it, we really were there. All four days... kind of...
Because guess who got sick in the middle of her holidays? ><
Yes, me.
I even had some fever at the last day.

Which means I saw lots of nice things of Cologne at the first two days. I really like this city by the way! 
We went up to the top of the Cologne Cathedral... it's...imense.
Honestly... 20 minutes of climbing stairs. Yuki has problems with
heights... I really felt sorry for her!

I went to the CameCom for 1 whole day... and spent two more half-days there... and missed one whole day ><

It was fun though!

The GamesCom was gorgeous!
You had to go there with passports or similar photo identification... because, well, games means USK. And we got an USK 18 identification of course. YAY XD
I had the great chance to take a look at the new Silent Hill and Resident Evil games, which aren't even finished completely.
Another yay for Risen2, a series that'll finally be released for PS3 and Xbox.
I totally got lost while playing Blades of Time (I never had such a fast tutorial in a game. It totally left me with a wait-what-now? feeling), a new Adventure Game. Apparently it was good luck for me,because the cutie who was looking after this stand was standing right next to me and helped me with the gameplay. ^^
We played some smaller games... and went for Catherine. *sweats* I guess we had to wait 1,5 hours for our turn. (basically nothing for the GamesCom, but still... it was exhausting) It was the only smaller, not-so-popular game there - an erotic JRPG (I think it's USK 16, so it's nothing too serious) - This one was really fun by the way.
We also went for Dark Souls - and we really were lucky because they were so organized that the waiting-time wasn't even 1 hour. The game itself was... difficult. I don't know anyone who is able to play this game totally relaxed and at ease. It's the type of you-stupid-*censored*-get-your-ugly-ass-forward-and-*censored*-okay,I've-had-it-*kickscontrolleragainstthewall*-type of game^^ It's just so difficult. We played around 5-10 minutes and my character died around 5 times. ><
On our first day Yuki and I spent around 1,5 - 2 hours to wait for our turn to take a look at Deus Ex. It was announced as an Action RPG and it's one of the big releases this year - the story sounds gorgeous, mysterious, full of action, psychological, but... it's an Ego-Shooter - which we didn't know about BEFORE we waited 2 hours >< Well...not the kind of genre Yuki and I like to play.

Well, that was basically it. Since I got sick I didn't have the strength to go for the really big games, like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or Mass Effect 3 or Darkness II or Prototype 2. The waiting-time for these games is simply huge... I guess you have to wait 2,5 - 4 hours. Honestly, too much for me.

Okay, sorry for the incoherent rambling^^
Now, I'm back and I'll update today.

I'm just really sorry for everyone who is waiting for requests or updates, because I missed the last week.
Next request I'll post is [ profile] akira_chii's. It's alreay written^^
And I'll update RyoPi today.


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