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2018-02-21 10:00 am
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Hey there!!

Arashi (Jun ichiban, but I love the other four too) and SMAP (Kimura, Shingo) fangirl here.
Also in Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Johnny's WEST, HSJ and TOKIO fandom. Ryo (K8) fan and a soft spot for Kat-tun. If you want to know who I like in particular, just scroll down ^^
(Important: I like all members of the groups I follow though. So don't scare away :-))

If you want me to add you, please answer to this post. I want to get to know you! :-)

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First of all, to avoid further questions: If you are here for my fics, you will find them at [community profile] yume_to_ame 
This here is my private journal, so, no fics here. :D

Alright, if you want to know a bit more about me, here is my introduction post

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2017-07-17 06:24 pm
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New meme/game/challenge? :D

To whoever reads this, please name your favorite pairing. Then think of the genre fantasy (or fantasy-ish). Choose a sub-genre/setting/short prompt that comes to your mind when you think of this pairing.

For example.
Sakumiya - fairies.

Matsumiya - reading minds.

I don't exactly know what I'm going to do with that, but... we'll see ^^
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2017-06-16 08:29 pm

Imbalance: 04 Heavy

Sorry, everyone, wrong post :-)  I accidentally posted this to my journal and not to fic community. Moved it there now.

Here is the link to it: 
Imbalance: 04 Heavy

This is the correct timeline up to now:  01: Lively, 04 Heavy, 02 Remorseful, 03 Dismiss

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2017-05-23 05:33 pm


Hello friends!! ♥

First of all [community profile] arashi_exchange  is starting again. This time on DW, but also LJ-users can join. So, please join! I hope this event will be big enough, like the last years. I would hate for the exchanges this year to dwindle because of the situation with Lj. Let's try to create an active DW-fandom! That's why I find it super-important for us (whoever manages to have the time) to join the exchange!

Please ♥

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2017-04-12 06:58 pm

Hello :-)

Hello lovely people.

so, dreamwidth will be my backup blog from now on. I'll try to update everything on Lj and here, and keep both blogs equally. I hope DW will expand soon and get bigger. Maybe we could go back to the old fandom heights :D 

Something else: if you add me here and are an old lj friend but with a NEW username here, please drop me a line about who you are, so that I'll add you back.

As for everyone else who is new and all: I'm happily adding everyone, but please visit my introduction post and leave me a line there. (Here is the link to it) 

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2016-12-05 09:34 pm

Advent Calendar Door 5

I present you door 5 of my fanfiction advent calendar. One of you requested it~
Click on the pic to see if it's your fic!

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2016-12-04 05:25 pm

Advent Calendar Door 4

I present you door 4 of my fanfiction advent calendar. One of you requested it~
Click on the pic to see if it's your fic!

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2016-12-03 07:47 pm

Advent Calendar Door 3

I present you door 3 of my fanfiction advent calendar. One of you requested it~
Click on the pic to see if it's your fic!

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2016-12-02 07:27 pm

Advent Calendar Door 2

I present you door 2 of my fanfiction advent calendar. One of you requested it~
Click on the pic to see if it's your fic!

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2016-12-01 06:34 pm

Advent Calendar Door 1

So, let's start the games :-)
I hope this is going to be fun for all of us, and you will enjoy the daily surprises as well ♥

I proudly present you door 1 of my fanfiction advent calendar. One of you requested it~
Click on the pic to see if it's your fic!

If you like puzzles, I'll give you a hint:
(One part of the pair has asthma. The other always has the most eccentric costumes during their concerts. One likes to eat, the other likes insects. One lived abroad as a child.)
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2016-10-26 05:44 pm

Advent calendar (December) project!

I'm doing it again :D

I know it's still October, but I'll be on vacation (in Japan :D) for three weeks from Saturday on, and I need to think about my Advent calendar early enough :D

I'll be doing the Advent calendar project again. I'm not even sure if everyone of you knows what exactly it is? Once December starts children (and also grown-ups :P) receive such a calendar... with 24 doors and a surprise behind every door (it can be chocolate, a picture, it can be self-filled by the parents with little presents, it can be cosmetics etc. It depends on what kind of calendar you want. I bought myself a cosmetic and make-up calendar this year (I'm such a girl sometimes :D)

So, I've decided to make a fandom Advent calendar :D Just for the fun of it, and because I like this time of a year a lot. December <3
This of course is a project for all my lovely friends and readers. For each day in December until Christmas I'll post a little Drabble with the pairing one of you requests.

Okay, now it's about you:

Tell me pairings please. I'll take everything this time (-just please, I don't know any juniors, except for Masuda Ryo :D) You can also ask for het pairings, dorama ones (in case I know the dorama)
Also tell me what kind of theme or prompt you want! (just take into consideration that this is a drabble calendar - so, pls.,nothing too complicated ^^

Please, don't request a pairing twice - mainly because this calendar is for all of you anway and I want to have variety in pairings :D
I'm not sure if I'll keep this rule for this year. We'll see how many pairings you request ^^ If you request the same pairing as someone else, please give me a different prompt :-)

I'll update the list below regularly.
If there a pairing name is a link, it means I posted it.
(written) means I've finished writing it, but haven't posted it yet :-)

I only have 24 slots (for 24 days) of course! So whoever comes first... well you know the deal ;-)
Slots taken:
1) Sakumoto
2) Takaki/Inoo
3) Keito/Yamada
4) Ryo/Pi
5) Akito/Junta
6) Shige/Kami
7) Junba (written)
8) Toma/Jun
9) OhnoKimura
10) Matsumiya
11) YamaKeito
12) RyoUchi
13) Aimiya
14) Sakumoto
15) SubaRyo
16) Sakumiya
17) SubaKura
18) TakkiRyo
19) Juntoshi
20) Ohba
21) YamaChii
22) Juntoshi
23) TakkiKame
24) Juntoshi
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2016-06-15 06:17 pm
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Hello out there~

Hi lovely people,

recently quite some of you added me on my private journal. I'm really really happy about that, but please drop me a line on my introduction post so that I know who you are and if you really want to add me or mainly read my fics (they are in a separated community, open for everyone and if you want to follow it, you can do so without asking for permission <3)
That said, I'll happily add everyone who wants to befriend me here. So don't scare away ♥ (My private posts are probably pretty meaningless though :D Mostly movie, drama, fandom and videogame rants, and some private life stuff :D)

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2016-05-07 08:28 pm

Spring Drabble Challenge

Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] yukitsubute (though I asked, so it's not... stolen? :D)

As the title says, this is a drabble challenge.
So, you request, and I'll write a drabble.

For now, I won't limit the number of requests, but it depends on how much I receive.

Any pairing goes, but please only request debuted Johnny's. If it's het or crossovers with guys out of JE, please ask ^^
As for smut: Please only Arashi-pairings. If it's really really soft, then I might consider others.

Please use this form:
Spring word (for inspiration/atmosphere):
Plot (as short as possible as it's a drabble):


2TOP: Drenched
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2015-12-24 01:20 pm

Advent Calendar Door 24

Open the 24th Door, the last one, to see what's behind!

Merry Christmas! Where I'm from we start our celebration tonight (Holy Night :-)) and it continues until 26th of December.
Click for cheesy but beautiful Christmas gifs :-) )

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2015-12-23 11:19 am

Advent Calendar Door 23

Open the 23th Door to see what's behind!

And another snow-gif:
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2015-12-22 12:42 pm

Advent Calendar Door 22

Open the 22th Door to see what's behind!


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2015-12-21 02:06 pm

Advent Calendar Door 21

Open the 21th Door to see what's behind!

I for one am still waiting for white Christmas (at least a bit snow, doesn't need to be much :-))
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2015-12-20 11:03 am

Advent Calendar Door 20

Open the 20th Door to see what's behind!

Let's cuddle~
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2015-12-19 04:17 pm

Advent Calendar Door 19

Open the 19th Door to see what's behind!

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2015-12-18 11:56 am

Advent Calendar Door 18

Open the 18th Door to see what's behind!

I would love some snow for Christsmas. How about you?