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Open the 17th Door to see what's behind!

I want to go ice-skating :D

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Open the 16th Door to see what's behind!

I would like to have some snow for Christmas~
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And something to smile at? :D
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Anyone there?
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Sunday! Let's cuddle :-)

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Some cute stuff... here:
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Knock knock, Someone here? :D
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Open the 10th Door to see what's behind!

And, how about something to laugh? :-)
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Open the 9th Door to see what's behind!

And something cute again! Where is the bunny? :D
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And something to cuddle...
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It's Monday...
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Open the 6th Door to see what's behind!

And? Is it snowing in your city? Do you want to play in the snow? :-)
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Open the 5th Door to see what's behind!

In case you just got up (like I did :D)  Good morning!!!!!!!!1
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Who wants to play in the snow by the way? :-)

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And to get you into a happy mood, here a little gif :D

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Open the second door!
(click on the picture with the number below :-))

If you want to know what inspired this drabble, here a little clip_

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Click on the Spoiler to open the FIRST DOOR and find the first drabble :D (In case you want to read it, follow by clicking on the link within the spoiler tag)

Which pairing will it be?
I wonder...
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Hello everyone,

as December is approaching, I'm thinking about a little journal project

...something like an Advent calendar. I'm not even sure if everyone of you knows what exactly it is? Once December starts children (and also grown-ups :P) receive such a calendar... with 24 doors and a surprise behind every door (it can be chocolate, a picture, it can be self-filled by the parents with little presents, it can be cosmetics etc. It depends on what kind of calendar you want. My mother will have a tea advent calendar this year. Mine will have cosmetic products and make-up (I'm such a girl sometimes :D), and my father's will have little stones. ^^ I think yukitsubute's will have pictures?)

So, I've decided to make a fandom Advent calendar :D Just for the fun of it, and because I like this time of a year a lot. December <3
I can't promise you a fic for each day though - but, let yourself get surprised, okay? <3

Okay, now it's about you:

Tell me pairings please. Any pair or combination goes, any group - just keep it JE (crossovers, het etc. are okay) (-and please, I don't know any juniors, except for Masuda Ryo :D)

Please, don't request a pairing twice - mainly because this calendar is for all of you anway and I want to have variety in pairings :D

All 24 slots are filled!

Taken slots, 24/24
- MaboTomo
- TomoTatsu
- Jun/Eita
- Sakumoto
- Juntoshi
- Momo/Sumire
- Matsumiya
- Junba
- Yama
- Ohba
- Yasuba
- OhnoKame
- AibaKame
- RyoPi
- 2TOP
- Fuma/Mari (author's choice :D)
- Fujii/Ryo
- Twin Towers
- Pikame
- ShinTaku (author's choice :D)
- Pin
- Kameda
- RyoShige
- YabuTakaki/OkaYama
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Hi everyone!

1) So, Gilmore Girls will get a 4-movie worth sequel on Netflix. Which means that I finally need to get Netflix. With Gilmore Girls and my favorite childhood show Full House getting their sequels... I just have to get Netfix... I just need to see them :D

2) On another fandom-related note:
I listened to the whole (or almost the whole) Japonism album and I really like it. It sold like crazy, it seems, and I can really understand why.
I also like ALL solo songs, which is a new for me :D  (I'm not too excited about Nino's because it's a little too happy-ish for my taste but I still like it)
My favs are probably Ohno's and Jun's. Ohno because of this old-school enka-ish tune. Jun's for being upbeat and dancy but with calmer parts and not too disco-ish. Concerning Jun I read at some places on Lj that some fans don't want him to have a rip-his-shirt-off solo, like always. It seems like I'm the only one who went like: WAIT A MOMENT, HE RIPPED HIS SHIRT OFF in another solo than Shake it!??? I thought Shake it was the only porn-solo? What did I miss!????? :D
Also the guys tricked me, because when reading the titles, I thought Mr. Funk = Jun, MUSIC = Aiba, Don't you love me = Nino or Sho. I'm just glad that Jun didn't do a Funk solo again - we had it twice already and I'm very much in for a change :D

I just hope Aiba won't go for the Disco Star direction in his performance - I DON'T GET THAT NEW DEVELOPMENT of his image at all!!!!! But his new solo song sounds pretty good!

The interesting thing about western Arashi fans is that most of them like a huge diversity in their fav's solo, while I am one of those people that in case one certain direction works really good, I perfer them to stick with it. A little variety, yes, or making a song more ballad-ish for example, but in general I like it when they go in a specific direction. I would be really disappointed for example if Ryo did a solo song that's not going the soft-rock direction. The perfect expample for variety and still keeping a certain style is Kimura for me - he did guitar solo songs, he did R'n B-ish songs in which he also danced, he did ballads, but still, each of his solo songs has KIMURA TAKUYA written all over it (in capital letters)

3) Which doramas are you following this season?
I'm thinking about:
- Samurai Sensei (because Ryo and Ryusei)
-  Seishun Tantei Haruya (not really a Kisumai fan because I'm still prissy about their group division, but the plot sounds like a fun crime drama)
- Teddy Go! (because it sounds so ridiculous :D)
- Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku (sounds like a very interesting crime drama!)
- Angel Heart (yet another crime drama. Its plot kinda got me)

I'm really wary about Yamapi's new drama. I somehow want to give it a try, but I HATED THE MANGA! I only read the first volume - as a somewhat independent and confident woman I RAGED, threw the book in a corner and never touched it again.
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Here is the fic I wrote for [ profile] arashi_exchange :D For [ profile] kitkaos <3

Title: Shadow Play
Pairing/Group: Matsumiya, appearances by all Arashi members, Kitagawa Keiko, Toda Erika, Mizuhara Kiko and a cameo by Ikuta Toma
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Spy!AU, a little suspense, a little angst, a little comedy, a little romance
Summary: A.R.A.SH.I stands for astringent rational artillery of shadowy intelligence service and is part of a secret delinquent, do-what-we-want side organisation that belongs to intelligence service.

(A.R.A.SH.I stands for astringent rational artillery of shadowy intelligence service)


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