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Hello out there~

Hi lovely people,

recently quite some of you added me on my private journal. I'm really really happy about that, but please drop me a line on my introduction post so that I know who you are and if you really want to add me or mainly read my fics (they are in a separated community, open for everyone and if you want to follow it, you can do so without asking for permission <3)
That said, I'll happily add everyone who wants to befriend me here. So don't scare away ♥ (My private posts are probably pretty meaningless though :D Mostly movie, drama, fandom and videogame rants, and some private life stuff :D)

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hi lilly0 i'm currently in exam week and my first exam is tomorrow. i'll get back to you later when my exam is done. hehe

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i may be one of those people lol. your fics are interesting and i wanted to read up on your other works. do you mind linking me to the comm for it? thanks :3

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Hi lilly i dont know why I cant read your stories 😢😢 please let me enjoy the stories