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Hey there!!

Arashi (Jun ichiban, but I love the other four too) and SMAP (Kimura, Shingo) fangirl here.
Also in Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Johnny's WEST, HSJ and TOKIO fandom. Ryo (K8) fan and a soft spot for Kat-tun. If you want to know who I like in particular, just scroll down ^^
(Important: I like all members of the groups I follow though. So don't scare away :-))

If you want me to add you, please answer to this post. I want to get to know you! :-)

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First of all, to avoid further questions: If you are here for my fics, you will find them at [community profile] yume_to_ame 
This here is my private journal, so, no fics here. :D

Alright, if you want to know a bit more about me, here is my introduction post

I came into fandom around 2008, I think. Back then it was mostly NEWS and K8 for me - mainly because of Ryo. When he left NEWS, I lost quite some interest to be honest. I'm also not crazy about the direction K8 is heading now (back then it was all quality music, a bit enka and band, now it's either mainstream or dorky mess. And while I like mainstream - I mean, hello, boybands! - I think there are other JE groups that do better in producing interesting mainstream ^^

Around 2009 I started liking Arashi and SMAP and with the years, they simply took over. To be honest, HSJ and Sexy Zone are slowly crawling up my bias list too. I'm still following Ryo though, because he got me into fandom and I like his voice and his acting.

Arashi owns my heart, SMAP too (though it's mostly KimuTaku to be honest). But I also follow TOKIO, A.B.C.-Z, HSJ, Johnny's WEST, Yuma and Sexy Zone.

Jun is my bias. I just love this guy with all his flaws. When he is dorky, fierce, angry, hot, nervous, awkward, failing, cute. Kimura comes 2nd - I love every part that makes Takuya Takuya.

Well, if you want a list (okay, I just want to ramble, to be honest :D) As I said even though I have my biases in each group, I like all members most of the time (only excpeption is probably K8, since I'm really mostly a Ryo-fan)
Arashi: Jun, but seriously I like them all! I can't even decide on a 2nd place though I think Sho could be 2nd)
SMAP: Kimura (and Shingo)
Sexy Zone: Fuma, Marius (but I guess I like the others a lot too, especially Kento)
A.B.C-Z: Hasshi, Goseki
HSJ: Yuya, Keito, Yamada
Johnny's WEST: Ryusei, Junta, Akito
TOKIO: Nagase, Gussan (though... all of them are so cool <3)
Kat-tun: Kame, Ueda
K8: Ryo, former member Uchi (I do like Subaru and Yasu too, but I lost a bit of interest in the others)
V6: Sakamoto

As for non-JE guys it's mostly Sakai Masato, Hyde, Saito Kazuyoshi, Matsuda Shota, Igarashi Shunji and Shirota Yuu. Maybe also DAIGO.
There are also non-JE groups I follow, like L'Arc~en~Ciel (Hyde is just <3), Breakerz, Spontania, Hilcrhyme, Lead, Saito Kazuyoshi, Honey L Days, flumpool, PrizmaX, Kaleido Knight, ONE OK Rock, Code-V, D-Date and some others. As for the girls I loosely follow Kalafina, fairies, Flower (and most of the Exile-Tribe-Girl groups), Cheeky Parade, Iris, Tokyo Girl's Style, Bis, Superfly, Weather Girls, Super Girls, Dancing Dolls, Dream5, HP groups like C-ute, Berryz Kuoubou, even Momusu, Buono. I'm not really an AKB48 fan, because I just can't keep track of all these girls, but I do like Nogizaka46, No3b, Diva, Takamina ♥, Yukirin, Not yet.
Also some boys-girls groups like Wagakki Band, AAA and lol.

I watch a lot of jdramas - with and without my favourite idols. I like crime, mystery and Human drama the most.

I think Kimura's acting is golden... as in awesome. I naturally watch most of Jun's and Ryo's dramas too - I think they are doing pretty well. And I also follow quite some others. Most of the guys are doing a good job... or at least well enough for me not to cringe all the time :-)

My all time favorite drama has to be Ando Lloyd, I think. Gokusen 1. Lucky 7. And JOKER.


Well, basically, yes, I love pairings. ^^

Sakumoto for t he win, Juntoshi as runner-up. Also ShinTaku. Basically I enjoy Sakumoto's messed up and tensed relationship. I also enjoy Jun and Ohno's non-stop fanservice moments. Junba and Matsumiya are lovely too. In general I'm shipping all Arashi pairs though. I like SubaRyo (especially after their adorable Kicyu performance) and HinaRyo too. Also Ryo x Saito and Ryo x Sakai Masato are interesting. Uchi/Miyao anyone? Recently I found some interest in FumaKen and FumaMari, in Hasshi/Tottsu and Hasshi/Goseki, Akito/Junta, YamaKeito, YamaYuya etc.

Drama pairings are loved ♥

**************Feel free to tell me something about you or to fangirl madly in a comment - over whatever. :D
I want to get to know you better!! <3

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